Buy Ceylon Sapphire from USA

Buy Ceylon Sapphire from USA: Ceylon Blue Sapphire Gemstone price in USA. Buy certified gemstones online in USA. Free Shipping from Sri Lanka to United States. Ceylon Blue Sapphire Price in USA, New York, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, Boston, Virginia, Florida, Minnesota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Indianapolis, Indiana, Columbus, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona. With not much overhead and operating costs, we are able to give our clients very competitive prices in this tough market conditions. Buy Ceylon Sapphire in USA. United States Sapphire: On completing 25 years in the business, we celebrate trust & success with our customers. Our priority for quality & customer satisfaction has helped achieve this. When it is so common to come across synthetic, treated & artificial stones in the market and the customer has no knowledge or expertise to identify natural gemstones, that’s when the trust matters.
Buy Ceylon Sapphire from USA

Buy Ceylon Sapphire from USA

100% Natural, Genuine and Certified Gemstones. Direct from the Mines to You!
Sri Lanka is known as the Ratna-Dweep or gem island or the Sapphire isles, which evident the fact that Sri Lankan gemstone history is very long and wide. Sri Lanka has the highest gemstone accumulation density as compared to the landmass. Sri Lanka is one of the fine quality sapphire producers and the Sri Lankan blue sapphires are known as Ceylon Sapphire. Ceylon sapphires are unique in color clarity and brilliance as compared to the blue sapphire from the other countries. We aim to exceed customer expectations and wish to make every experience with us a memorable one for you.
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Ceylon Sapphires

Sri Lanka has been producing fine sapphire for centuries, and many of the world’s most famous sapphires were found there. Buy certified 100% natural Precious Stones online at cheap & wholesale price from Sri Lanka.
Custom Design Your Own Jewelry

Gemstones to Jewelry

Turn your favorite Gemstones into handmade Jewelry of your choice. We also make custom-designed gemstone rings, bracelets, pendants, etc in gold, silver on our customer’s requirement. This offer gives liberty to you to wear your designed jewelry.

Buy Certified Gemstones Online in USA

Buy Certified Gemstones Online in USA: We provide new definitions to the style of Sri Lankan Gem & Jewelry industry; it offers a diverse range of finely crafted jewelry and exceptional gemstones on par with international standards and warranties. From everyday designs, to the elegant and the glamorous ones, Ceylon Gem offers exceptional creations that are both modern and contemporary. We help all the guest who like live in USA to buy gemstones we will serve them from the airport to till they go back arranging all accommodation and helps you buy the gemstones for the Market Prices of USA.

Gemstone Price in USA

Gemstone Price in Sri Lanka: Global Gems, one of Sri Lanka’s leading suppliers of the highest quality rough and cut-and-polished gem stones, has positioned itself both locally and internationally as a leading source of ethically sourced, high quality gems. Offering exclusively the best quality stones at highly competitive rates, Global Gems has grown from its roots as a family owned business to become a key player in the International gem stone industry. Ceylon Blue Sapphire Gemstone Price in USA. The products are reasonably priced and very often feature one-of-a-kind gemstones & minerals. Best natural gemstone and Buy Certified Gemstones Online in USA.

USA Natural Gemstones in New York NYC

USA Natural Gemstones and 100% natural gem in USA. Best known for providing the highest quality Sri Lankan stones such as Sapphires, Topaz, Ruby and Moonstones, Global Gems is also known for sourcing specific stones for customers on request. In addition to the provision of all the necessary certification on the origin and authenticity of the stone, Global Gems also offers a buy back option in the event that customers are not 100% satisfied, illustrating its commitment to its customers.

American Gemstones

North American Gemstones: Buy Ceylon Sapphire from USA has a fine collection of Natural Sapphires. With having knowledge of the industry together with proud family traditions and respect and almost notably passion has passed through generations. We assure our customers receive the wide selection of high quality gemstones and excellent service in USA. Buy North American Gemstones at Cheap rate in USA?

Gem Stones of the United States

Gem Stones of the United States: Our Company is dedicated to provide the highest leve.l of service that you require, considering the most appropriate for your needs. We are here to expand and meet new more jewelers or buyers who require gemstones for their Jewelry in the best quality they need. Find the Best American Gemstones Collection in Buy Ceylon Sapphire from USA

American Gemstones Collection

American Gemstones Collection: We offer the most beautiful gemstones varying from highest to commercial fine collection of Ceylon Blue Sapphires, Cat’s Eyes, Alexandrite Cat’s Eyes, Star Sapphires, Rubies, pink sapphires, Alexandrite, Padmaradscha, Tsavorite and Spinel are unique, attractive and high quality. We maintain fine standards when sourcing the gemstones. Each gemstone is examined for purity and color in sapphires: vivid, Royal Blue, Cornflower. Cat’s Eye: Golden, Honey, and Apple Green. Ruby: vivid red, Pigeon Blood. Also a certificate of guarantee is given for each and every gemstone in USA. They range in colors and have a mystic aura that captivates anyone that wears or comes into contact with these pieces.

Buy American USA Gems Washington

Buy American USA Gem Washington: The luxurious jewelry collections available include white diamonds, colored diamonds, blue sapphires, star sapphires, rubies, star rubies, white sapphires , yellow sapphires , cats eye, and other precious and semi-precious stones; that are meticulously handcrafted in-house and artfully set into precious metals ranging from gold to sterling silver forming exquisite and uniquely designed jewelry of the highest quality. Buy American USA Gem form Buy Ceylon Sapphire in USA.

Sapphire North America

Sapphire North America: Our Selection is vast and includes stones such as, White, Yellow, Pink, Star, Purple, Blue Sapphires, Chrysoberyls Cats Eyes, Alexandrite, Spinels, Tourmalines, Garnets, Topazes, Moonstones and Zircons. The stones can be cut according to the customer’s requirement and the cut would be of excellent quality. For jewellery, we can provide calibrated stones and wide range of gemstones for sale. We specialize in blue sapphire rings. Blue Sapphire holds immense beauty and prestige. Dating back centuries this stone has always been associated with kings and queens to highlight wealth and importance.

Blue Sapphires in USA California

Blue Sapphires in USA California: The same feeling is conveyed today when these pieces are worn leaving individuals with a sense of royalty. Not only does this stone radiate with its rich, royal blue color, it is also a symbol of love, power and wisdom. These stones are not only beautiful but carry various healing properties and energies that release when worn. The stones can be cut in particular shapes according to customer requirements. Ceylon gems are lifelong pieces that can be handed down or kept as one off statement items and make exquisite gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. Buy Ceylon Blue Sapphires in USA.

Gems in USA Chicago

Buy Gems in USA Chicago: All Gemstones offered by us are scientifically tested & astrologically approved. Our gemstones are 100% Natural and non-treated to ensure best results to our customers. Gemstones are certified by most reputed labs & are covered under a lifetime guarantee for purity. Our team of dedicated customer support representatives ensures a pleasant buying experience at Ceylon Gems in USA. Our experts help you select the best gemstone as per your choice and budget. Support is available at all levels – gemstone recommendation, gemstone buying, jewellery making, customization & after sales.

Sri Lanka Sapphire in Los Angeles

Sri Lanka Sapphire in Los Angeles. Buy Yellow Sapphire Sri Lanka online. find the Yellow sapphire price in sri lanka, yellow sapphire stone price in sri lanka, Ceylon yellow sapphire sri lanka. Ceylon Blue Sapphire Sri Lanka, Blue Sapphire Sri Lanka, Ceylon Blue Sapphire Price In Sri Lanka, Original Neelam Stone, Blue Sapphire For Sale In Sri Lanka, Blue Sapphire In Sinhala, Ruby Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Ruby Prices, Ruby Stone Price In Sri Lanka, Ruby Price In Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Ruby Stone. Buy White Sapphire Gemstones Online in Sri Lanka and White Sapphire Price in Sri Lanka, Padparadscha Sapphire Price Sri Lanka – Paparaja Sapphire, Aquamarine Stone and Aquamarine Gemstone Price in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Price in USA

Ceylon Blue Sapphire Price in USA. Are you searching to buy 100 % Natural Genuine and Certified Gemstones in United States of America (USA). Buy Ceylon Sapphire from USA, Buy Certified Gemstones Online in USA, Gemstone Price in USA, USA Natural Gemstones, North American Gemstones, Gem Stones of the United States, American Gemstones Collection, Buy American USA Gems, Sapphire North America, Blue Sapphires in USA, United States Sapphire, Gems from Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Sapphire, Ceylon Blue Sapphire Price in USA.

Natural Buy Ceylon Sapphire from USA

Buy Ceylon Sapphire from USA: We are a worldwide supplier of wholesale loose gemstones. If you are looking for gems for sale, here you can buy gemstones online. The stones for sale include both natural and synthetic varieties. If your main need is for loose gemstones, we can offer gems and stones at the best prices. Our company has been very well recognized locally as we are able to supply all kinds of loose gemstones like Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic gemstones and Natural gemstones at factory prices.

Cheap Gemstone Price in USA

Gemstone Price in USA? This is where to buy gemstones in many shapes in USA, colors, and sizes. We can supply all kinds of loose gemstones like Cubic Zirconia, all kind of Synthetic stones, Glass stones, Semi-precious and Precious stones in all shapes and sizes. If you want something that is not listed on our website then please send us an e-mail with your requirements. We will try our best to supply you that gemstone. In addition to gemstones for sale, now we can also make jewellery in silver and 14K and 18K gold.

Buy natural and Certified Ceylon Sapphire in USA

Buy natural and Certified Ceylon Sapphire in USA: Buy Gemstones Online in USA.100% Natural and Original. Shop from the most trusted seller of Astrologically & Geologically Approved Gemstones in USA. USA No.1 Natural Gemstones Company. Buy Online Govt Lab Certified Natural Gemstones in wholesale rates direct from Gemstones from Sri Lanka. Ceylon Sapphire is strong and sturdy. Combined with its lustrous beauty it’s ensured the jewellery it’s transformed into is not only eye catching but will last a lifetime. Ceylon Sapphire rates a 9 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness .These stones have an allure and lust that is unique and elegant.

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We are Blue Moon Gem and Jewel (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka. Our mission is to simplify the tedious task of sourcing gemstones by providing quality products with impeccable customer service.
Our Specialties
We are Blue Moon Gem and Jewel (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka. Our mission is to simplify the tedious task of sourcing gemstones by providing quality products with impeccable customer service.
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